Joe Auslander: From struggling with testing to shipping every Sprint!

There are many teams that struggle with the “last mile” in developing and shipping software. This story is about a team that had trouble getting everything tested by the end of the Sprint, and how, through visualization of work, they were able to change how they organized themselves, and started shipping software reliably.

Featured Book of the Week: Agile Retrospectives – Making Good Teams Great, by Larsen and Derby

Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, by Larsen and Derby is probably the most talked-about book on Agile Retrospectives and it helped Joe understand the role of the retrospectives as well as to prepare and facilitate great retrospectives. This was the book that helped Joe learn to appreciate Agile Retrospectives. 

About Joe Auslander

Joe is into game/experience design and enjoys working with teams to solve unique problems. In the past this has been in areas of ship repair, crew coordination, television production and software delivery. Joe enjoys learning and sharing what he has learned and he particularly loves seeing people succeed. 

You can link with Joe Auslander on LinkedIn and connect with Joe Auslander on Twitter.

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