Thomas van Zuijlen: Setting up a Scrum team for success when working as a contractor

Thomas was part of a team that had to replace a whole application. They decided to go with the StranglerFig pattern described by Martin Fowler. But, in this case, the pattern was being applied not only to the software, but also to the team, and interaction with the client. Thomas set-up a kick-off for the relationship, and based it on the key aspects we need to take into account as a Scrum Master: team agreement, expectations, vision for the product, and much more! Listen in to learn how Thomas used the first meeting with the client to set up the team’s agile ways of working, and get the customer involved in giving feedback and guidance to the team from day one!

About Thomas van Zuijlen

Thomas is an independent Scrum Master and workshop facilitator from the Netherlands. He believes self-organization, empiricism and facilitation will save the world (of work). A former developer and occasional quiz master with 15 years of experience, Thomas operates in the Netherlands and Lithuania. His weekly newsletter on practical agility can be found at

You can link with Thomas van Zuijlen on LinkedIn.

Erik de Bos: Introducing Agile to a management team without causing overwhelm or eye-rolling

Sometimes, when we work with a team, we discover that the changes needed to help the team are needed outside the team. In this episode, we talk about such a situation where Erik was asked to explain Agile to a management team. He took the approach that he would use only what was needed or asked for by management. Listen in to learn about this example of how to introduce a complex topic (Agile) to management without overwhelming them.

In this episode we discuss the Ball Point Game, Lean, Kanban, Liberating Structures, the Stacey matrix, and the book Humanocracy.

About Erik de Bos

Erik is what you get when you take a trained scientist, who mastered Agile as a programmer and is now a Scrum Master. A pragmatic, analytic, systemic and critical personality who is completely focused on understanding the problem. Because once you understand the problem, the solution is easy.

You can link with Erik de Bos on LinkedIn and read Erik de Bos’ articles in Medium.

Wilson Govindji: How to be deliberate about the change that Agile transformation brings

Working through an Agile adoption change in our organizations is always a difficult process, as not everyone will feel the same excitement about the adoption of Agile or Scrum. In this organization, the company had put up posters about Agile, but Wilson quickly realized that the Agile mindset was missing in the teams he worked with. This realization started a process of going through the change and Agile adoption process in a deliberate manner, and Wilson describes the process they adopted for that deliberate change management process.

In this episode, we refer to John Kotter’s book on change management: Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions.

About Wilson Govindji

Wilson is a pragmatic Scrum Master, he has over 15 years in Software development and has worked in different roles, from Support Analyst, Developer to tech lead. Wilson is from Portugal, with Indian origins and currently living and working in the UK with his wife and two daughters.

You can link with Wilson Govindji on LinkedIn and follow Wilson Govindji’s blog on Medium.

Jeremia Riedel: Focusing an Agile organization with the help of a North Star and OKR’s

Jeremia and the team started to work with the c-level team to define a Vision and Mission that would clarify the purpose at his company. With that work, they were able to define a North Star, and start using OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results). He describes for us the process, and the lessons learned introducing OKR’s to focus the company on their purpose.

About Jeremia Riedel

Jeremia is an Agile Coach that describes himself as an Explorer, Enthusiast and Challenger.

You can link with Jeremia Riedel on LinkedIn, and read Jeremia Riedel’s blog on Medium.

Gurucharan Padki: The critical differences between Project Management and Agile/Scrum

There’s a big contrast between some of the Agile values and principles, and the approach that we see implemented when Project Management is the ruling approach to delivering software. Agile and Scrum require that leaders (including Scrum Masters) learn about servant leadership, instead of looking at teams as “school children” that must be managed, and controlled.

In this episode, we talk about the key differences we must be aware between the “old” approach to software development (based on project management ideas), and what Agile is all about.

In this episode, we refer to the Tuckman’s stages of group development.

About Gurucharan Padki

Gurucharan Padki comes with 18 years of experience in the IT industry, of which he has spent more than a decade in the Agile world delivering products, programs and projects with focus on engineering and quality . He has played the role of product owner, scrum master and agile coach in multiple organizations across India and the world driving transformations.

You can link with Gurucharan Padki on LinkedIn.

Bent Myllerup: The story of an Agile transformation in a hardware business that was struggling to survive

Bent was working in a company that was facing serious economic challenges. This was not a case of Agile adoption, this was a case of changing to survive! Because of the economic challenges, the CEO decided to layoff some staff, and ask for Agile adoption immediately in all the teams. Bent helped the new teams start to work in a hardware business, with an Agile mindset and approach. This led to amazing improvements, and the company survived. Listen in to learn what was the approach, and steps the company took to the adoption of Agile in this crisis.

About Bent Myllerup

Bent Myllerup is a management consultant, organisational change agent and agile transformation coach with 20 years of personal experience in management and leadership. He holds a Master in Management Development (MMD) from Copenhagen Business School and a Bachelor in Science of Electronic Engineering. He was the first European Certified Scrum Coach and he is also a Certified Scrum Trainer.

You can link with Bent Myllerup on LinkedIn and connect with Bent Myllerup on Twitter.


Yousef T. Fahoum: Learning to understand Agile transformations, and associated change processes

As Yousef puts it: “Everything is a change process”. In an Agile transformation, there can be many dynamics at play, so we need to pay attention to finding out what is going on at all times. In this episode, we investigate how we can bring an Agile mindset to change, and learn what are the key change dynamics we need to work with.

About Yousef T. Fahoum

When starting out as a ScrumMaster and BA years ago Yousef passionately followed the ScrumMaster Podcast. Yousef is a SAFe Enterprise Coach at Elabor8 with experience implementing Agile and SAFe at some of the largest and most recognized brand leaders across industry domains in the U.S. and Australia.

You can link with Yousef T. Fahoum on LinkedIn and connect with Yousef T. Fahoum on Twitter.

Julie Wyman: Introducing Agile to a new organization with Kanban

While working with an organization in their Agile transition, Julie and colleagues recommended that they start with Kanban. Kanban would bring minimal disruption to the teams, and enable them to learn what Agile would mean in their context. However, there was a lot more to do before the teams were able to run a Kanban flow and start learning what Agile meant for them. In this episode, we explore not only how to introduce Kanban, but also what to consider when bringing Agile to a group of teams that are new to Agile.

About Julie Wyman

Julie Wyman has been working with Agile teams for over a decade and is continuously learning with and from them. She’s based just outside Washington, D.C., but has had the pleasure of supporting teams distributed across the globe and even experienced her own Agile takeaways all the way in Antarctica.

You can link with Julie Wyman on LinkedIn.

Jeroen de Jong: Kickstarting a community to effect change in large organizations

This is the story of a large bank that was going through an Agile transformation. The transformation was not going very well, and Jeroen worked with his colleagues to start a community. To kick start that process, they organized an open space event, to help the most interested people share what they were passionate about. 

In this segment, we refer to a podcast episode and blog about how to organize an open space in a remote organization (unconference), and Jeroen’s blog post about the open space organization experience

About Jeroen de Jong

Jeroen started his career as a self-employed jack-of-all-trades in IT and is passionate about Agile. He is determined to keep learning and to share his knowledge with others.

You can link with Jeroen de Jong on LinkedIn and connect with Jeroen de Jong on Twitter

Steen Villumsen: Small steps towards a big Agile transformation

Steen shares the story of a transition from Waterfall to Agile. He describes an approach to change that starts with some small changes, and slowly increases the things under change with the aim to make the process feel more like a natural evolution. Listen in to learn about the process and the lessons that Steen learned along the way. 

In this episode, we refer to the Cycle of Change by Rick Maurer (PDF article).

About Steen Villumsen

Steen is an Agile Coach, who calls himself a conceptualiser and a communicator. His focus is on moving people and supporting change through coaching.

You can link with Steen Villumsen on LinkedIn

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