Daniel Nielsen explains what is the fundamental ingredient for any team to avoid self-destruction

There are many reasons for teams to disintegrate, but there is one ingredient that, when missing can cause that process to start much faster. In this episode Daniel explains the setting, the context, and the project that led his team to disintegrate due to the lack of that fundamental ingredient for any team.

Special call to all Dubai agilists: Daniel is relocating to Dubai and is looking to connect to local agilists. If you fit the bill, then reach out to him on twitter: Daniel Nielsen on Twitter.

About Daniel Nielsen

Daniel is a developer turned Scrum Master turned Agile Coach, with an increasing focus on the coach part. Over the last 10+ years, his interest in how teams work and how we interact as individuals has only grown. He has worked in both small and large companies and tried to cope with the complexities in both worlds.
You can reach out to Daniel Nielsen on Twitter, and link with Daniel Nielsen on LinkedIn.
You can also read his blog in Danish at QED.dk