Pedro Torres talks how most of his learning’s came from failures

Pedro explains us how he learned more with failures than with success. In his opinion, a good Scrum Master must have the ability to deal with failure well, because failure is the only road for learning. He believes that failure is so important the he would rather hire someone that has gone through several failures and learned several lessons than someone that was always successful. In his opinion, people that are always successful learn as much as the ones that fail often and have the ability to learn from their mistakes.

About Pedro Gustavo Torres

Pedro Gustavo Torres is an Agile Coach @ SONAE, in Porto, Portugal.
He started his agile quest in 2010. He’s a seasoned Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Trainer. He also has experience acting as a Scrum Product Owner. He’s passionate about scrum, agile and all the practices that can help teams deliver early value to their customers. He is also quite techie and a gadgets fan. You can find him in linkedin. He writes his learning’s on his blog. His twitter: @_pedro_torres

Ryan Ripley talks about the delusion of control

The transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master is never an easy one. Ryan describes his own journey and how he overcame his own delusion of control. During this episode we also introduced the book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni.

About Ryan Ripley

Ryan Ripley loves helping people do great work. He is a servant leader at heart and is passionate about fostering safety and trust in the workplace. Ryan created the Agile for Humans podcast to put the focus back on the individuals and interactions that make agile work.
You can link up with Ryan Ripley on LinkedIn and connect with Ryan Ripley on Twitter.
Ryan also hosts a popular Agile podcast: Agile for Humans. Be sure to check it out!

Jon Eversett talks the long term cultural effects of a Waterfall to Agile transition

A Waterfall to Agile transition is never easy, but there are many problems that appear simple at first, until we see their impact on the organization. One such problem is the existence of skill silos in the Waterfall (matrix organization) world. These silos are often re­inforced by organizational structures that are hard or impossible to break, even after adopting agile. Their impact on the teams is something that Scrum Masters need to be aware of.

About Jon Eversett

scrum_master_toolbox_podcast_Andy_Deighton Former Business Analyst, Product Owner wannabe, currently a Scrum Master. Jon works with teams with different maturity levels and some relatively new Product Owners. You can find Jon Eversett on LinkedIn, or interact with Jon Eversett on Twitter. You can read Jon Eversett’s blog to find out more about his ideas on the role of the scrum master and all things agile.