Saravana Bharathi on how to build success continuously

We often want to draw a line, the final achievement of success. Saravana reminds us that success is a continuous process, and not an end in itself. He explains how he tries to constantly bring to his teams the best of his energy to create a positive environment.
Start with Kudo Cards, virtual or physical to help the team focus on their achievements, instead of only the obstacles.

About Saravana Bharathi

Saravana started, a site dedicated to sharing better ways to develop software. His goal: to inspire other to share their ideas and experiences as well 🙂 Which is exactly what we do here on the podcast.
Saravana is a seasoned software development professional with over 15 years of experience in Aerospace, Banking and Insurance domains.
You can find Saravana Bharathi on twitter, and link with Saravana Bharathi on Linkedin.