Kathy Andersen on how to find the impactful system conditions

On Friday’s we usually discuss system conditions. This episode is no exception, however we also take a look at a method to identify those system conditions before they cause major problems for the teams. We discuss the Spotify Squad Health Check as a method to survey the teams and identify possible impacts that need to be further investigated and mapped to system conditions. This is especially important when companies are growing fast, and we need to keep an eye on what problems might emerge as a result.

About Kathy Andersen

Kathy works as a Scrum Master with a team implementing a billing management system for a company called Hudl. Hudl is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska and provides video review and performance analysis tools for coaches and athletes to review game footage and improve team play. Kathy took an uncommon route to the software world, and since then she has had the luck of working on a diverse set of projects and teams. You’ll find her speaking at conferences and participating in the agile community.

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Kimberley Miller on how to use self-assessment to drive team success

In this episode, Kimberley explains how she uses the Squad Health Check with her teams, and how that drives her to reach a successful outcome with the teams that she works with.

Listen in to learn about the changes Kimberley applied to the now famous Spotify Squad Health Check, based on her own experience.

Featured Agile Retrospective for the week

In this episode, we explore “The 3 Little Pigs” retrospective. A fun way to help the teams talk about the no-so-good things without the pressure or the judgment of other formats.

About Kimberley Miller

During the day, Kimberley is the Scrum Master at Hudl with over 5 years of experience in helping to implement Scrum in both software companies and standard business units. Kimberley is also an actress on stage and film, with a Masters in Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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Adrian Kerry on the tools you need to understand the system you are part of

When we work with organizations and teams that adopt Scrum, we need to have an understanding of what might be the inherent organizational and personal barriers to adoption. There are a number of tools we can use to learn about which barriers are active, and from that generate ideas about what might be the next step.

In this episode we refer to Henrik Kniberg’s Scrum Checklist (PDF), the Spotify Squad Healthcheck, and Adrian’s own post about the journey towards applying Scrum.  

About Adrian Kerry

A Scrum Master who specialises in Mobile and User Centred Design based approaches, Adrian comes from a testing background and he still finds that he champions making testing easier for the teams he works with. Due to that Adrian is also a strong advocate of XP practices (and, from that, BDD)

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Paru Madhavan asks us to focus on the team, to understand the system

Start with the team! Paru asks us to consider the team when looking at the overall system. We can use the Squad Health Check (also the Atlassian version) survey or some other similar tool to understand how the system is influencing the performance of the team. As we go through the questions, then consider how the external (to the team) factors may be influencing the team. Listen in to learn how Paru uses these tools and other tools to help understand the system around the team.

About Paru Madhavan

Paru works as Scrum Master across two squads at OFX. She’s worked in Agile teams and in various roles such as Business Analyst, Product Owner and Scrum Master since 2011. To her, Agile and software development just go hand in hand!

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Kiryl Baranoshnik shares 2 tools that help uncover the system around our teams

If fish are dying in an aquarium, we should look into the conditions of that aquarium and not try to coach the fish to survive against all odds. The same should happen in organizations, and tools like Spotify’s Squad Health-check or the Agility Health Radar can help us know if our teams are thriving or dying in the aquarium that are our organizations.

About Kiryl Baranoshnik

captureKiryl Works and lives in Minsk, Belarus. He is an experienced ScrumMaster and Agile Ambassador with EPAM Systems. Accredited ICAgile trainer with AgileLAB. Co-founder and leader of a local Agile/PM community. Former software developer.


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