Ruben Sadoyan on how fixing symptoms can prevent you from actually helping the team

What is the problem we are actually trying to fix? This is not an easy question. We are programmed to jump to conclusions. Many of us are biased towards action but forget to check if our actions are working. All of this leads us sometimes to focus on symptoms. Ruben tells us such a story and how he finally tracked down the real problem that needed fixing.

About Ruben Sadoyan

Ruben has played many different roles in his career. Agile Coach, Team Engineer, Scrum Master with IT Project Management and Software Development background are just some of those. He’s also been an Account executive with software/web development roots and business development, experienced in team and client relationship management.
He’s also launched a startup named Internet Company and has more than 15 years experience in IT. He describes himself as Focused on constant improvement and self-education. Result driven, able to lead in a Lean way, identify root causes and gradually improve teams to make results happen.