Med Marouane Ajraoui: Helping Agile teams learn about humane work, and be more humane

Med Marouane’s view is that Agile is “human-centric”, and that it is there to help humans to be better at their work and towards each other. When describing what success looks like for a Scrum Master, we discuss how the team’s human behavior is a great indicator that the Scrum Master has done a great job. Listen in to learn about what practices show that the team has adopted a humane approach.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The Star Wars Retrospective

In this format, Med Marouane focuses on teamwork, and team setup to be able to help the team understand the enablers, and obstacles to great teamwork. This is also a format that helps focus on the values of the team

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About Med Marouane Ajraoui

Med Marouane Ajraoui enjoys practicing AIKIDO while helping individuals, teams, and organizations embrace the agile mindset. He is from Morocco but has lived in several countries, and he enjoys being a “citizen of the world”. He is the founder of Agile Africa, an NGO for disseminating Agile culture in Africa. He is also the CEO and founder of JediSquad, an international firm that supports developing Eco Agile businesses and meaningful digital products.

You can link with Med Marouane Ajraoui on LinkedIn.