BONUS: Ben Aston on Project Management lessons that Scrum Masters can use

Ben is a project manager with experience in developing digital services and products for worldwide clients. He’s learned some very important lessons and shares some of his key insights with you in this special episode, where we dive deep into the project manager role and the project management world.

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Victor Bonnacci on the importance of letting the team solve their own problems

All of us who have a background in more directive roles (manager, project manager) from our time before Agile, are tempted to take over the problems and solve them for the team. However that’s not how we help teams grow. In this episode Victor shares his story of a recovering Project Manager that needs to learn to help the team solve their own problems.

About Victor Bonnacci

Vic coaches software teams at Bio-Rad Laboratories using Scrum and XP practices. He’s worked in IT for twenty years; first as a webmaster, programmer, project manager and currently as a scrum master and coach. Vic lives in Southern California where he is very active in the local community, and he hosts the Agile Coffee podcast.
You can link with Victor Bonnacci on LinkedIn, and connect with Victor Bonnacci on Twitter.
Be sure to follow Victor Bonnacci’s podcast: Agile Coffee.

Ryan Ripley talks about the delusion of control

The transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master is never an easy one. Ryan describes his own journey and how he overcame his own delusion of control. During this episode we also introduced the book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni.

About Ryan Ripley

Ryan Ripley loves helping people do great work. He is a servant leader at heart and is passionate about fostering safety and trust in the workplace. Ryan created the Agile for Humans podcast to put the focus back on the individuals and interactions that make agile work.
You can link up with Ryan Ripley on LinkedIn and connect with Ryan Ripley on Twitter.
Ryan also hosts a popular Agile podcast: Agile for Humans. Be sure to check it out!

BONUS EPISODE: Danilo Tambone shares with us his very Agile Story of personal transformation

Danilo started as a construction project manager, but during the years he transformed himself as well as his career. In this BONUS episode we explore that process of personal transformation that makes Danilo an Agile person, not just a person that does Agile.
We hear the story of how a change in the job market presented Danilo with a challenge, but also an opportunity. Then we explore what steps he took to adopt the ideas of Agile and how he applies those ideas even today in his own personal time management system which he dubs Agile.
Danilo created a time management course to help all of us that feel overwhelmed, but want to use our agile principles in our own personal time management. Danilo introduces the course and offers you a 80% discount (!!) for the first 30 people taking his course. Check it out, go to this Udemy link to access Danilo’s course.

About Danilo Tambone

danilo tambone scrum master toolbox podcast(1)Danilo Tambone is a project management professional with 12 years of experience in the field, he is a PMP and PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner.
Danilo started his career in the Construction Industry (very different from IT), but after the discovery of the agile techniques and their successful application on the job and for his own personal productivity, he has prepared a real career transition in an agile way, and has recently started his new working life as an IT Project Management Consultant.
You can link with Danilo Tambone on LinkedIn, and visit Danilo Tambone’s Udemy profile.

Emilia Breton-Lake on how to hire Scrum Masters with a Project Management background

A very common pattern in the software industry is to give the role of Scrum Master to Project Managers. This has many possible dangers, and Emilia knows that. That’s why she has developed a specific approach to hiring Scrum Masters, a people-centric approach.

About Emilia Breton-Lake

Emilia is a natural-born Agile thinker who managed to swim out of the PMI waterfall almost a decade ago. As the head of the PMO at a major non profit she is constantly looking for new ways to build better software and make the world a better place.
She has also been working on 2 major innovations, On going retrospectives, and #NoNumbers where they have eliminated sizing of stories. They still groom and plan, but don’t assign sizes to stories.
Emilia has worked hard to introduce Scrum and Agile to a non-profit that is very resistant to change.
You can link up with Emilia Breton-Lake on LinkedIn. Or follow Emilia Breton-Lake’s articles at the Scrum Alliance website.

Dominic Krimmer warns about confusing the Project Manager with the Scrum Master role

Confusing the Project Manager with the Scrum Master role can be very dangerous. Project Managers have had a certain historical focus, Dominic discusses the project management focus and how it differs from the Scrum Master focus. “Not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured counts.”

About Dominic Krimmer

scrum_master_toolbox_podcast_Andy_Deighton Dominic has worked as a Software Developer since 2001, being a Scrum Master since 2009. He has collected many cool experiences in agile methods in different companies like CHIP, Sixt, and HolidayCheck. And has a small Kanban implementation at a manufacturing site in Latin America is also under his belt! 🙂 You can connect with Dominic Krimmer on twitter and visit Dominic Krimmer’s blog.

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