Ruben Sadoyan on the nasty impact of stress and pressure

The two horsemen of the team’s apocalypse are stress and pressure. Sure, sometimes a little pressure can give us focus, but at what expense. In this story Ruben explains the possible impact that too much pressure can have on the team.

About Ruben Sadoyan

Ruben has played many different roles in his career. Agile Coach, Team Engineer, Scrum Master with IT Project Management and Software Development background are just some of those. He’s also been an Account executive with software/web development roots and business development, experienced in team and client relationship management.
He’s also launched a startup named Internet Company and has more than 15 years experience in IT. He describes himself as Focused on constant improvement and self-education. Result driven, able to lead in a Lean way, identify root causes and gradually improve teams to make results happen.

Zach Bonaker on how pressure to perform can destroy a team

We all want to be successful, to have an impact in the lives of the people around us. Teams have the same needs. However, when we increase the pressure on a team that is in trouble we create the conditions that may lead to that team’s implosion.

About Zach Bonaker

Zach Bonaker is Benevolent Trouble-Maker from San Diego. He’s an agile coach who specializes in bringing lean thinking to organizations and teams over varying sizes across the country. Zach builds relationships to help transform people, systems, and structures towards safer and faster ways of delivering high quality software. When he isn’t thinking about next-generation agile ideas, Zach can be found enjoying the sunny west coast weather and connecting with people all around the world. Follow Zach Bonaker on Twitter, and connect with Zach Bonaker on Linkedin.