Peter Gfader on how to go from boring up-front to #NoEstimates and #MobProgramming

#NoEstimates and #MobProgramming are big trends in the Agile community, but how do we get the benefits and quality of those practices? How do we help teams go from heavy up-front planning to quick, and often planning while still helping each other, raising the quality and feeling like they are working in a real team? Listen to this episode to learn how Peter helped a team reach just that kind of flow! 🙂

About Peter Gfader

Peter hates shitty software and tries his best to improve the profession of software development. For this reason, he joined The seek for improvement keeps him getting out of bed every day… and the smell of coffee that reminds him of warm sunny Sundays in a beach cafe with sand between his toes. One day, Peter woke up and realized that software development is not only about code, but also about people: From his teammates till the end user. Some people you just give donuts and some you need to give a little bit more. Peter is on a journey to make everyone happy.

If he is not sitting on a mountain bike or playing the trumpet, you might find him at a local user group to hang out with other geeks.

You can link with Peter Gfader on LinkedIn and connect with Peter Gfader on Twitter.