BONUS: Influencing management in an Agile change process with Scott Rosenblatt and Jeff Campbell

In this mega-episode on change, we have Jeff Campbell (long time contributor to the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast) and Scott Rosenblatt (engineering lead at Meltwater) share their experience with agile adoption in a large organization.

Jeff is also the author of Actionable Agile tools (available on Amazon, and direct from the author at

Why does Management resist Agile change? 

This is the first question of the episode and one that Scott and Jeff have worked together on for years. Scott shares how his past as a developer has helped him understand the role of management in an Agile organization.

We also talk about how to understand the reaction of managers when employees come to them with gripes, or ideas for changes to implement. We tend to think that when managers don’t do what we ask, they haven’t listened to us. Is that really so? 

Anger management, not change management

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BONUS: ¿Qué es Lean Change Management y cómo puede ayudarte a gestionar el cambio en tu organización? – En Español

This is a Spanish language episode where we introduce the Lean Change Management book for our Spanish speaking listeners.

For more on the Lean Change Mangement approach, check out our week of episodes with Jason Little, or visit the book page at

Our guests in this episode are Ivan Corps Lopez and Patrick Verdonk who was part of the translators for the Lean Change Management book, Spanish edition.

About Ivan Corps Lopez

Nacido en Ciudad Real (España). Completó Ingeniería informática en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Apasionado por Lean y Agile desde 2013 para ayudar a las empresas a obtener lo mejor de su gente con esta nueva mentalidad. Ahora trabajando en ING ayudando con la transformación ágil de toda la entidad. Mis valores fundamentales son Libertad, Coraje, Curiosidad, Integridad y Diversión

Ivan Corps Lopez en LinkedIn

About Patrick Verdonk

Patrick siempre ha estado involucrado en cambios que afectan a las personas en muchos roles diferentes. El “cambio”, especialmente el impacto del cambio en las personas, siempre ha tenido mi interés. En octubre de 2017, Patrick dejó su rol corporativo y se juntó a Alquimia del Talento. Començó a ayudar a otras personas y empresas con la gestión de sus cambios (personales y organizativos) a través de consultoría y capacitación.

Patrick Verdonk en LinkedIn


Zach Bonaker explains the role of narrative in change management

There are many tools that can help us in a process of change. The book Lean Change Management by Jason Little lists many of those in the context of a real story about change. In this episode Zach describes some of those tools and how to use then in our roles as Scrum Masters. We also mention the book Nonviolent Communication by Rosenberg.

About Zach Bonaker

Zach Bonaker is Benevolent Trouble-Maker from San Diego. He’s an agile coach who specializes in bringing lean thinking to organizations and teams over varying sizes across the country. Zach builds relationships to help transform people, systems, and structures towards safer and faster ways of delivering high quality software. When he isn’t thinking about next-generation agile ideas, Zach can be found enjoying the sunny west coast weather and connecting with people all around the world. Follow Zach Bonaker on Twitter, and connect with Zach Bonaker on Linkedin.

Jiri Sitina on how small steps lead to big changes

Small steps can lead to big changes. As Jiri says, there’s no point in going against the big wall of large steps in change, it is often disappointing and prone to failure. Identifying the pain points and then taking one step at a time can lead to amazing results.
The book Lean Change Management by Jason Little is referred to as a guide to understand effective change management.

About Jiri Sitina

Jiri works at GoodData. He is currently based in Prague and helps GoodData’s engineering teams to work better, cooperate more, keep on improving and enjoy what they are doing.
You can connect with Jiri Sitina on LinkedIn and link with Jiri Sitina on Twitter.

Daniel Hommel on why it matters that teams run experiments

There are many ways to look at success. Daniel chooses to look at it from the learning point of view. He wants to see teams learn, and run experiments. He mentions the book Lean Change Management by Jason Little as an inspiration for the experiment mindset. As Daniel puts it: being fast is good, but being able to change direction quickly is much better.

About Daniel Hommel

Daniel is a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach with a strong background in Software Engineering. His first touch point with Agility was starting to use the Extreme Programming practices in 2007. After some years of working more on the technical side in recent years his interest has shifted to facilitation, coaching, guiding continuous improvement and working with people in general. You can connect with Daniel Hommel on Twitter.