BONUS: Scrum Guide 2020 featured as Vasco and Ed discuss how we can facilitate the Scrum events

In this episode, Ed and Vasco talk about the recently released Scrum Guide 2020, and discuss the role of the Scrum Master in facilitating the Scrum events. 

They deep dive into the roles, events and the aspects of the Scrum Guide they agree with, and the ones they don’t agree with. 

Don’t miss this in-depth discussion about the Scrum events, and the role of the Scrum Master.

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Ed Evan Rich is the author of “Express Yourself Fearlessly”, and co-author of “The 48hr Book Method” a Product Manager by day, podcast host by night and I am homeschooling my child with my wife in between.

You can read more from Ed at

Vasco Duarte is a managing partner at Oikosofy where he wants to change the world, one company at a time. He’s also the regular host on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast.

Product Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Director, Agile Coach are only some of the roles that he’s taken in software development organizations. Having worked in the software industry since 1997, and Agile practitioner since 2004. He as worked in small, medium and large software organizations as an Agile Coach or leader in agile adoption at those organizations.

Vasco was one of the leaders and catalysts of Agile methods and Agile culture adoption at Avira, Nokia and F-Secure.

Jeremy Jarrell explains the true meaning of incremental delivery

Incremental delivery is a buzzword in the Agile lingo. It is very often used, but seldom defined. Jeremy explains what incremental really means, and gives us an insight about the far-reaching benefits for those that take his definition to heart.
In this book we refer to the book User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton.

About Jeremy Jarrell

Jeremy Jarrell is an agile coach and author who helps teams get better at doing what they love. He is heavily involved in the technology community, both as a highly rated speaker as well as a syndicated author whose articles and videos have appeared on numerous popular websites.
You can connect with Jeremy Jarrell on twitter, and link with Jeremy Jarrell on LinkedIn. Jeremy’s web-site is at
Jeremy’s latest video course, Agile Release Planning, is available now from