Yousef T. Fahoum: Learning to understand Agile transformations, and associated change processes

As Yousef puts it: “Everything is a change process”. In an Agile transformation, there can be many dynamics at play, so we need to pay attention to finding out what is going on at all times. In this episode, we investigate how we can bring an Agile mindset to change, and learn what are the key change dynamics we need to work with.

About Yousef T. Fahoum

When starting out as a ScrumMaster and BA years ago Yousef passionately followed the ScrumMaster Podcast. Yousef is a SAFe Enterprise Coach at Elabor8 with experience implementing Agile and SAFe at some of the largest and most recognized brand leaders across industry domains in the U.S. and Australia.

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Julie Wyman: Introducing Agile to a new organization with Kanban

While working with an organization in their Agile transition, Julie and colleagues recommended that they start with Kanban. Kanban would bring minimal disruption to the teams, and enable them to learn what Agile would mean in their context. However, there was a lot more to do before the teams were able to run a Kanban flow and start learning what Agile meant for them. In this episode, we explore not only how to introduce Kanban, but also what to consider when bringing Agile to a group of teams that are new to Agile.

About Julie Wyman

Julie Wyman has been working with Agile teams for over a decade and is continuously learning with and from them. She’s based just outside Washington, D.C., but has had the pleasure of supporting teams distributed across the globe and even experienced her own Agile takeaways all the way in Antarctica.

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Jeroen de Jong: Kickstarting a community to effect change in large organizations

This is the story of a large bank that was going through an Agile transformation. The transformation was not going very well, and Jeroen worked with his colleagues to start a community. To kick start that process, they organized an open space event, to help the most interested people share what they were passionate about. 

In this segment, we refer to a podcast episode and blog about how to organize an open space in a remote organization (unconference), and Jeroen’s blog post about the open space organization experience

About Jeroen de Jong

Jeroen started his career as a self-employed jack-of-all-trades in IT and is passionate about Agile. He is determined to keep learning and to share his knowledge with others.

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Luís Santos Silva: Changing the culture and effectiveness of Sprint reviews

In this organization, the iteration reviews were not producing the needed impact. So Luís and the other Scrum Masters did an investigation to find out what was actually going on. They discovered several anti-patterns that we must also pay attention to as Scrum Masters. However, what they learned led them to focus on changing the culture underlying the reviews. Listen in to learn how they were able to define, and change the culture around iteration reviews.

About Luís Santos Silva

Luís is not your typical Agile Coach as he doesn’t have an IT background. He worked his way from a contact center up to Lean and Agile Coach and is now a Agile Coach team lead at OutSystems.

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Nicolas Umiastowski on how the blame culture can destroy a team

The fear of losing your job can drive a blame culture and a lot of other dysfunctional behaviors in teams. When that fear sets in, defensiveness, silos, lack of cooperation are just some of the symptoms you should expect to see.
Nicolas also mentions how important it is for teams to learn how to deal with failure without falling prey to the blame culture.

About Nicolas Umiastowski

Nicolas is 40 year old. He is a a French agile coach, specialized in Scrum and Kanban with a strong experiences in Digital and web projects.
He likes Design thinking, storyboarding (especially paper prototypes), getting real feedback from real users, and helping the team to reach symbiosis, and to find meaning in what they do. He is absolutely passionate about agility, but aware that depending on the context (as a consultant), agility can be different from one company to another.
You can find Nicolas Umiatowski on twitter, and follow his blog in french: Nicolas Umiatowski in french.