Melissa Lang on how to reorganize teams after a big corporate change

Big re-organizations are the day-to-day reality in large companies. These changes present specific challenges to our work as Scrum Masters. Melissa shares with us an experince she had on how to make the quick change over fast and painless for the teams. Do you need to reorganize your product organization? This is the episode for you.
In this episode we mention the Podcast by Jim and Michelle McCarthy: The McCarthy Show.
The Core Protocols, also by the McCarthys and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are other references you may want to read up on. Melissa’s blog on this experience can be read here.

About Melissa Lang

Melissa has worked in many diverse jobs over the last 20 years: ethnomusicologist, cook, IT project manager, agile coach. In all of those jobs, her main focus has been on strengthening team work and facilitating communication. As a dedicated agilist for 10+ years Melissa has worked at a range of companies, from start-up to multi-national corporation. Currently she is coaching teams from Barcelona and Hamburg at Xing AG where she has been employed since December 2011.
You can connect with Melissa Lang on Twitter and link with Melissa Lang on XING or LinkedIn.

Andy Deighton on how Retrospectives can make a critical difference in the team’s evolution

Why not share the results of the retrospectives with the rest of the organization? That’s one very effective way to make the current team’s obstacles visible to the rest of the organization.
Start with something simple, like the Check-in from the Core protocols, and share what you find with the organization. Help the organization help the team using the retrospective output.

About Andy Deighton

scrum_master_toolbox_podcast_Andy_Deighton Andy has over 20 years of development experience in Smalltalk and Java, and is now a Scrum Master at Bright Interactive, based in Brighton on the south coast of the UK. He’s a former professional photographer and budding songwriter. You can find Andy Deighton on twitter. Connect with Andy Deighton in LinkedIn.