Steve Holyer on why you need to design your coaching alliance before you coach a team

When, and how should we start coaching a team? Steve shares his insights on how you can design your coaching alliance before you can start to coach a team. This was a hard-earned lesson through a very interesting story about a failure.

About Steve Holyer

Steve Holyer serves as advocate, trainer and mentor for companies looking for a better ways of working, using Agile practices in a productive, fulfilling, and fun way.
He learned his craft serving as a Scrum Master with multiple teams and organisations, so he knows how to change an organisation from the inside. Steve now serves as an indie-label Agile Coach-for-Hire. He’s passion lies with coaching managers and teams to find ways to do software better.
You can contact Steve Holyer on twitter, and find Steve Holyer on LinkedIn. For more, check his Lift Off workshop.