Sjoerd Nijland: Large Scrum adoption how to

As this story starts, Sjoerd had just joined a team that was helping an organization move from Waterfall to Scrum. The team decided to start with a large training effort and applied the “training from the back of the room” ideas. This is an approach that tries to maximize the learning in a classroom training setting, but also has critical insights for the role of the Scrum Master as a facilitator. 

But the transformation did not stop there, there were many other activities and approaches that Sjoerd and team used in that process. Listen in to learn the most important ones, and the critical lessons Sjoerd learned from that process.

About Sjoerd Nijland

Sjoerd is a founder of Serious Scrum, and creator of the Road to Mastery co-creative online training. Previously E-commerce manager at Bugaboo, and then Manager of Operations at Digital Agency Triggerfish.

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Oskar Collin: Planning and executing a large scale Agile transformation

Many Scrum Masters are part of, or even responsible for organizing an Agile adoption process in their companies. In this episode, we discuss what such a plan could look like based on a successful Agile adoption process Oskar was a part of.

In this episode, we refer to the Get Kanban game and Modern Agile, a new take on the original manifesto.

About Oskar Collin

Oskar is a former software developer who became a passionate agile coach and Scrum master. He did so mainly because he was better at helping teams working together than building software. He loves experiments and questioning the status quo. He is passionate about helping teams build digital products and deliver value continuously. 

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Stefania Marinelli: Scrum as a change process

Adopting Scrum is, in reality, adopting a change management process. Stefania noticed that when she started helping a team deal with urgent problems, which led to creating a board to visualize the work in progress. In this episode, we talk about how Scrum was used as a change process, and how the team benefited from Scrum, and the visualization techniques to manage their work.

About Stefania Marinelli

Stefania is an Agile Manager (Expedia group) former Scrum Master, former team leader/project manager, former developer. Stefania is fascinated by people dynamics and works every day to create a collaborative and safe environment. NVC practitioner.

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Anubhuti Agarwal: Helping Scrum teams adapt to wildly different timezones

Remote teams often deal with timezone problems. In this episode, we explore the story of a distributed team that needed to change their way of working to accommodate the different timezones. We discuss some of the techniques you can use to help your distributed team make decisions and adapt their way of working to the reality of distributed work, and wildly different timezones.

About Anubhuti Agarwal

Anu is a software tester turned Scrum master. She worked as Software QA in India for 6 years and then moved to Berlin to complete her Masters in Business Administration. She has been working as a Scrum Master for 3 years in an agency and has learned, first hand, the challenges of working with Agile in an agency.

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Thomas Kofoed: Setting up the right expectations when working with a new team

When a Scrum Master gets hired or called into a team there might be mixed expectations between managers, team, and yourself, the Scrum Master. How can we prepare for that possible problem? 

In this episode, we discuss the setting of expectations and the early agreements we need to establish when starting to work with a new team.

About Thomas Kofoed

Passionate Agile Coach / Scrum Master. Thomas focuses on engaging people while helping organizations and teams evolve their products guided by the feedback from their customers/users. 

Thomas switches between Facilitation Coaching and Teaching (sometimes Mentoring). He’s open about his purpose and that he strives to get his teams to where they don’t need him but might miss him 🙂 

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Denniz Dönmez: Lessons learned as a facilitator in a DevOps transformation

In this company, Denniz supported a DevOps transformation. As time went by, it was clear that management had to start taking the coaching role that Denniz had taken until then. While working through this change, Denniz learned some important lessons about change, and how to be able to step back from the work, so that he could be a facilitator. 

In this episode, we refer to the One-team, One-goal article on Software Development Today.

About Denniz Dönmez

Denniz has both huge academic and practical experience. He studied agile teams for his PhD at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) before becoming a Scrum Master and freelance consultant in 2016. Denniz believes the key to becoming more agile is to establish what he calls “enabling structures.”

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Samantha Menzynski and Brian Ziebart: The self-selection workshop for Agile transformations

In this transformation, there was a moment that may have changed the course of events. In this moment, the organization allowed the teams to self-select. Samantha and Brian share that moment, what they did, and how they prepared for a high-risk, but a transformative moment: the self-selection workshop.

About Samantha Menzynski and Brian Ziebart

Samantha Menzynski has spent her entire career in software. Starting in support and account management, moving to customer support management, and with Penta’s transformation to Scrum becoming Scrum Master for the Core product team.

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Brian Ziebart started his career in software as a developer but found himself wanting to move towards coaching and developing people rather than product development.  When Penta’s Scrum transformation started in August 2019, he jumped at the opportunity to work more with people while still staying involved with development.

You can link with Brian Ziebart on LinkedIn

You can read more about Samantha’s and Brian’s work and the Agile transformation they were part of in this blog post.

Jeffrey Koors: Helping Scrum teams when the blockers are outside the team

Even when we try to help the teams we serve, we often encounter problems that the team itself can’t solve. When that happens, what’s a Scrum Master to do? In this episode, we explore what Scrum Masters can do when the issues plaguing the team extend beyond the team’s boundaries.

About Jeffrey Koors

Jeff started his studies and career as a fine artist and has gone on to use his creative thinking and vision to help many organizations find ways to design systems, solve problems and embrace Agile. Jeff is also the co-founder and host of Coaching Agile Journeys.

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Charles Rodriguez: Creating environments where Change is inevitable, a primer for Scrum Masters

Charles was visiting an Agile Coach Bootcamp organized for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to get a solution to his problem: how to make other changes. It was then he noticed that everyone in that room had the same problem. What Charles realized was that his role as a Scrum Master was not to lead change, but rather to create the conditions for change to happen on its own. In this episode, we talk about the method that Charles uses to foster change-friendly environments. We also refer to a reference book: Leading Change by Kotter

About Charles Rodriguez

Charles has been working in software development for 16+ years with roles ranging from a database developer to manager to agile coach all in an effort to ‘try to make things better’ for future generations joining the IT industry.

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Christian Hofstetter: My journey as a Scrum Master, how to promote the role in your organization

In some organizations, the question that emerges over and over again is: “what’s the value a Scrum Master brings?”

As Scrum Masters, we must be ready to answer this question. Christian found inspiration in the work by Barry Overeem, Chris Verwijs (both previous guests on the podcast), and started to work with his colleagues in defining what an impactful and inspiring Scrum Master role would be at his company. Barry Overeem also published his own journey as a Scrum Master for us to read, and learn from.

About Christian Hofstetter

Christian is an enthusiastic Release Train Engineer, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and Facilitator who started his agile journey as a Product Owner. Later he turned his back on technology and focused on people and relationships. He is passionate about creating space for people and teams to be the best they can be.

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