Here are some resources to help you with the transition to #Remote work

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Have you recently moved to full #Remote work? Check out our collected tips below to help you achieve higher productivity and better teamwork even when working #Remote!

Resources on working #Remote with #Agile teams

In our first blog post on the topic of #Remote work, we share tips and some episodes on #Remote retrospectives and setting up the new ways of working for teams that are just now going #Remote.

Learning to work #Remote is a process. Here are 5 tips I learned about #Remote work while working #Remote for more than 5 years.

Many of us are at home and working #Remote while our kids can’t go to school. If you are working #Remote with your kids around, then these collected tips from listeners and our experience are for you!

In our 4th installment of the working #Remote series, we tackle the question: “How do I keep my team members engaged during the daily Scrum meeting and how to help the team collaborate better while #Remote?”

Have you noticed that your company’s cultural anti-patterns are amplified by #Remote work? If you are having trouble with transparency and collaboration in your newly #Remote team, this blog post if for you. It includes some tips on how you can – as a Scrum Master – keep your focus on improving collaboration in the team, and with other teams.

YouTube videos with #Remote work experts

The Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast has organized 4 LIVE Q&A sessions with #Remote work experts, and those are freely available on YouTube. Watch and share with your colleagues and friends.

Session 1: Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby, going rapidly #Remote

Johanna and Mark focus on going rapidly #Remote, a situation that we are facing now due to the #covid19 situation.

The session with Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby is also available as a podcast.

Session 2: Molood Ceccarelli, jumpstarting #Remote work for Agile teams

Molood Ceccarelli shares with us her experience with being a Coach and Scrum Master for #Remote #Agile teams.

Molood’s session is also available as a podcast episode and includes all the links we mentioned in the show notes.

Session 3: Katja Zorina, #Remote Scrum Master tips

Katja Zorina has a great story of how they pulled off a #Remote Big Room planning session (à lá SAFe PI Planning) in less than 24h when the lockdown hit their teams.

Check out this session as a podcast episode and listen while on the run. The blog post also includes links mentioned in the episode.

Session 4: Lisette Sutherland, Online Meetings don’t need to suck!

Online meetings are a pain point for teams adapting to #Remote work. In this session, we talk about meetings, and how to make those engaging for the team members, as well as productive for everyone.

Lisette’s many resources are linked to from this podcast episode blog post that also includes the LIVE Q&A as a podcast episode.