Sebastian Schürmann shares tools to formalize and professionalize the recruiting process

Very often we fail to use tools and methods that are already available to help us succeed at the recruiting process. In this episode Sebastian shares two tools/methods he uses when recruiting people, plus tips on how to evaluate good developers.

About Sebastian Schürmann

Sebastian has an extremely strong work ethic, a great passion to his work, unwavering desire for excellence, and unabated willingness to share his rich knowledge.
Driven by his strong work ethic, he takes several key roles: as scrum master, agile coach, mentor, as protector of the young development teams, after all, a humble leader who takes risks and responsibilities at extremely critical moments, creates a vision which the other follow by heart – with excellent outcome.
You can find Sebastian Schürmann on twitter, and link with Sebastian Schürmann on LinkedIn.
You can find Sebastian Schürmann’s website, and his blog.

Matt Dominici talks about the shiny object syndrome that plagues organizations

Matt tells us about a failed agile transition, and what he learned from that experience. He also talks about one of the biggest threats to agile transitions all over the world: the “shiny object syndrome” that affects many organizations today.

Matt also recommends a book: Scrum and XP from the trenches by Henrik Kniberg.

About Matt Dominici

Matt Dominici Scrum Master toolbox podcastMatt is a Scrum Master within the Product Development organization at FreshBooks. He spent time in QA, Business Analysis and Management before becoming a CSM and, eventually, a full-time Scrum Master.
You can connect with Matt Dominici on Twitter. Matt Dominici on LinkedIn.