BONUS: Learning what makes a great place to work with Woody Zuill and Yves Hanoulle

The idea for this episode started with a conversation with Yves and Woody when recording one chapter for the Tips from the Trenches Audiobook (check out the audiobook). In this episode, we talk about, and try to define what makes a great place to work, or as Woody calls them: wonderful places to work!

Woody starts by describing two different workplaces, one that was “wonderful”, and one that was not. We explore what the differences were between those two places, and what we can learn from those stories as Scrum Masters. 

As Scrum Masters, our role is to help our teams, and our organizations move towards a better place to work, therefore these lessons are critical for us to act on. 

In this segment, we refer to MobProgramming, an approach to teamwork that Woody has been talking and writing about for some years; and Cynefin, a model that tries to describe the differences between different levels of complexity, and defines certain strategies for managing different types of work.

“Turn up the good” a heuristic to build great places to work

Woody describes his “turn up the good” heuristic that skips the problem discussion completely, and instead focuses the team on finding something that is working well for them and asks the question: “how would we turn up the good on that?”

Woody shares some stories from his past, and illustrates what the “turn up the good” heuristic is all about. 

In this segment, we talk about the work by Kent Beck and Deming

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About Woody Zuill and Yves Hanoulle

Woody is the man behind Mob Programming, and he often talks and presents on agile topics, and coaches people interested in creating a wonderful workplace where people can excel in their work, and in their life.

You can link with Woody Zuill on LinkedIn and connect with Woody Zuill on Twitter

Yves is all about collaboration. His goal is to inspire people to create more collaborators. 

Creating self-sustaining communities from home allows him to spend more time with his kids. 

And to get a better work-life fusion. For him agile and communities share a common element called trust. With trust anything is possible, without trust, some things might be possible, yet very hard and expensive…

You can link with Yves Hanoulle on LinkedIn and connect with Yves Hanoulle on Twitter

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