Samet Ulutas: How to start an Agile transformation without having to “push” teams

The organization was going through an Agile transformation, when Samet joined the Agile Coaching office in that organization. As the Agile Coaching office developed they were tasked with helping the teams adopt Agile, but that would require more than just “coaching”. Together with the rest of the team, Samet developed an “Agile Mirror” that would help the teams assess their own performance and progress. Listen in to learn how they deployed that Agile assessment to help the team, and the organization adopt Agile. 

About Samet Ulutas

Samet has been working as an Agile Coach for more than 3 years and coached 35+ different teams until now. Samet has plenty of experience dealing with difficulties of an Agile Transformation, including being to witness the Agile Transformation of the largest private bank in Turkey from the beginning. Samet is also the co-owner of “Be Agile Stay Agile” YouTube channel. 

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