Samet Ulutas: How Scrum Masters can help Agile teams develop ownership of their process 

In our eagerness to help, often we try to come up with solutions for the teams. When we do so, we amplify an anti-pattern of disengagement and lack of ownership. In this episode, we explore that anti-pattern, and discuss how Scrum Masters can avoid, or get out of that behavior, so that we may help the teams grow and take ownership of their process!

About Samet Ulutas

Samet has been working as an Agile Coach for more than 3 years and coached 35+ different teams until now. Samet has plenty of experience dealing with difficulties of an Agile Transformation, including being to witness the Agile Transformation of the largest private bank in Turkey from the beginning. Samet is also the co-owner of “Be Agile Stay Agile” YouTube channel. 

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