Matthew Green: The “knows-all, decides-all” Product Owner anti-pattern

The Great Product Owner: The protector of the team

Great Product Owners are catalysts, they help the team deliver and protect them from interference and chaos. Great PO’s look at the team’s performance as the product of their ability to set them up for success by focusing on the problem, and letting the team contribute to designing the solution.

The Bad Product Owner: The “knows-all, decides-all” Product Owner anti-pattern

Sometimes, Product Owners think their role is to be heroes. Even if that’s a well intended anti-pattern, it creates significant problems for the teams they work with. In these cases, PO’s become easily bottlenecks for the team, as they want to be involved in everything, and every decision. Why does this anti-pattern emerge, and what can we do about it? Matthew helps us explore some tips and tools for Scrum Masters working with this type of Product Owners.

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About Matthew Green

Before becoming a Scrum Master, Matthew worked in a variety of roles both inside and outside of IT. This eclectic background has served him well in working with teams and individuals to help them on their own journey to a more humane way of working. 

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