SPECIAL XMAS BONUS: Team Performance Predictors, with Sally Elatta

When we look at team performance in a business, we need to take into account 3 different metrics. Sally explains those 3 key metrics at the start of this episode, and we dive into why some metrics are good leading indicators of team performance. 

As we dive into performance metrics, we discuss what are some of the enablers for team performance, as well as how leaders, and leadership teams can positively impact the agility and performance of their teams. 

Measuring Maturity, Performance and Outcomes, the critical aspects of performance 

“A high-performing team is not measured by the amount of work delivered, but by the impact and outcomes they produce.”

This is the phrase we discuss and investigate to help us define maturity in agile teams. What are the ingredients that allow teams to focus on outcomes? How do we help teams understand why those outcomes matter, and how to define them? 

When we seek business agility, we need to help teams align their work with the outcomes, not only deliver what is in their backlog. For a more in depth explanation, check out this video by Sally and her team explaining Business Agility. You can also see Sally’s team’s other Agile explainer videos at Agilevideos.com. 

The Top Drivers of Team Performance

In their report about Team Performance Predictors, Sally and her team define “drivers” for team performance. We review those and Sally walks us through the enablers that are behind those drivers. She also explains what are the 3 things you should focus on to get the “best bang for the buck” when it comes to helping teams perform. 

About Sally Elatta 

Sally Elatta is the CEO and founder of AgilityHealth®. She is a thought leader in the space of Enterprise Business Agility and Measurement and advises top executives of leading global enterprises through their Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) transformations. Sally believes in making an impact in everything you touch – whether that’s for individuals, teams, organizations or as an agent of social change. She has three beautiful children, and loves music and travel.

You can link with Sally Elatta on LinkedIn and connect with Sally Elatta on Twitter. 

You download the report about the Team Performance Predictors at AgilityHealthRadar.com.

For a Scrum Master self-assessment, visit this self-assessment page. 

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