SPECIAL XMAS BONUS: Personal Agility Framework to help unlock your potential, with Maria Matarelli and Peter Stevens

The Personal Agility Framework started with a conversation between Peter and Maria after Peter started to talk publicly about his own challenges as a business owner and an Agile Coach/Scrum Master. Peter realized he was working too much and needed some direction, some supporting structure to help him manage his work as well as his consulting business. 

The Personal Agility System emerged as a way to tackle the common problems many of us suffer every day: too large backlog, not having a clear direction, feeling overwhelmed and not having a clear goal focus. 

Peter describes the Personal Agility System as a foundational shift that helped him regain control over his life and his business, and that’s a theme we hear much more about as the episode progresses and Maria and Peter share stories of others that also applied the Personal Agility System. 

Transforming an executive team with the help of the Personal Agility System

Maria shares with us a story of a team, and a CEO in Tampa Bay, Florida. This CEO was feeling overwhelmed, and was not able to trust his team or his employees to get the job done. As we start this story, we hear about the struggles and the common anti-patterns many of us have seen at work. 

Maria helped this CEO and his team learn about working together productively as a management/leadership team, and transform the success of their company by being able to share more work and trust each other to do the best. 

We hear about how Personal Agility helped not only the CEO, but the whole team come together. Just like we need to do with the teams we help. 

You can learn more about the Personal Agility System and Personal Agility Institute at their website. 

The Vision for Personal Agility 

We end this episode by talking about Peter’s and Maria’s Vision for their Personal Agility Institute, a Vision that drives them to help people all over the world overcome the work and personal struggles they face. 

In this segment, we hear the story of Sharon, an entrepreneur and Private Chef that started by working 4 jobs and not having any money, and how Рwith the help of Personal Agility System Рshe was able to turn her life and her business around. An inspiring story, that makes us think about how, and why we want to help the people we work with. 

About Maria Matarelli and Peter Stevens

Maria is a co-founder of the Personal Agility institute an organization focused on helping individuals & organizations apply Agile to do more of what matters. She has a background in IT project Management, and helps companies by showing companies how to implement Agile techniques that help them get to market faster.

You can link with Maria Matarelli on LinkedIn and connect with Maria Matarelli on Twitter. 

Peter is a co-founder of the Personal Agility Institute and Chief Agility Officer for a Swiss digital health start-up. As Peter puts it, he inspires people to change their situation for the better, and helps companies transform into more effective, more successful and happier organizations.

You can link with Peter Stevens on LinkedIn and connect with Peter Stevens on Twitter. 

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