Rasmus Lund-Jensen: When the teams push back on Scrum, an Agile transformation story

Rasmus was helping an organization in their Agile transformation. In this organization only a few people had seen such a transformation before. Many were going through the first Agile transformation. When management, Product Owners and Scrum Masters recommended the teams use Scrum, they got an immediate push back. The teams saw Kanban as a more adequate method for them. An immediate stand-off emerged that made the work with the teams very difficult. Listen in to learn what Rasmus learned from that story, and what the organization ended up doing to help the teams get started with Scrum. 

About Rasmus Lund-Jensen

Rasmus is an agile coach and Scrum Master from Denmark. He is passionate about finding pragmatic ways for teams to reach their potential. He previously spent six years at the LEGO Group where he learned the power of bad jokes. If people are laughing, it means they are listening. 

You can link with Rasmus Lund-Jensen on LinkedIn and connect with Rasmus Lund-Jensen his website.

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