Rasmus Lund-Jensen: How even the best teams can forget what Agile is about, and how to fix it

This team was succeeding in the improving and implementation of their practices. They were in control of the testing. They were doing most things right. As they felt more comfortable, they started thinking about the future, and decided to invest in tackling a future risk with a “quick” hackathon. What happened next was both surprising and instructive on how, even the best teams, can lose sight of what Agile is all about. 

In this segment, we refer to the Tuckman model of team development

Featured Book of the Week: I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day by Munster

How do we make changes stick in the real world? Munster’s I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day is about asking the right questions to understand how change can be implemented in a way that sticks. In this segment we also refer to Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman.

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About Rasmus Lund-Jensen

Rasmus is an agile coach and Scrum Master from Denmark. He is passionate about finding pragmatic ways for teams to reach their potential. He previously spent six years at the LEGO Group where he learned the power of bad jokes. If people are laughing, it means they are listening. 

You can link with Rasmus Lund-Jensen on LinkedIn and connect with Rasmus Lund-Jensen his website

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