Rasmus Lund-Jensen: Can developers be great Product Owners? Two contrasting Agile stories

The Great Product Owner: The developer that became a great PO!

This Product Owner had been a very skilled developer (just like the Bad PO story), however the reason why this skilled developer had moved to the PO position was because he wanted to have a higher impact, and saw that the PO position helped achieve that impact. This PO was able to communicate with stakeholders, and represent the product as well as the technical perspective of the team. The PO was able to listen to, and respect the team’s perspective in a way that made the team feel trusted. 

In this segment, we refer to situational leadership.

The Bad Product Owner: The developers that became a bad PO!

Rasmus shares with us the story of a developer that, being motivated by the prestige and salary, wanted to move to the PO position. The developer saw that as the only way to progress in the career, and that’s when the problems started. Listen in to learn about the many anti-patterns that developed because of this career move that was motivated by all the wrong reasons.

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About Rasmus Lund-Jensen

Rasmus is an agile coach and Scrum Master from Denmark. He is passionate about finding pragmatic ways for teams to reach their potential. He previously spent six years at the LEGO Group where he learned the power of bad jokes. If people are laughing, it means they are listening. 

You can link with Rasmus Lund-Jensen on LinkedIn and connect with Rasmus Lund-Jensen his website.

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