Maximilian Dazer: Applying Agile is not the same as following Scrum

When Max started as a Scrum Master, and tried to put in practice what he knew about the role, he faced some unexpected challenges. Having had industrial engineering training, he felt he should be busy all the time, and therefore started to “force” Scrum on the team. This story does not end well for Max, but the lesson he learned was fundamental for his growth as a Scrum Master. Listen in to learn what was his lesson, and how it changed him for the future. 

In this episode, we refer to Taylorism, and the online publication Serious Scrum.

About Maximilian Dazer

Maximilian’s goal is to drive change from the bottom. For every team he creates a vision and tries to get them on board to pursue the change together. Maximilian wants to free people from the micromanagement-hell version of “scrum”.

You can link with Maximilian Dazer on LinkedIn. 

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