Lucia Alarcon: Introducing the Kanban method to Agile teams in a complex project

This company was working with several vendors, which meant that for any deliverable there were a lot of parties involved. To manage their work, they were using Trello, a tool that helps teams manage tasks. However, the way they were using that tool was creating problems for the teams and team members. Lucia worked with them to change how they applied the tool to their work, and to learn more about Kanban. In the process, she implemented an effective, stepwise process for introducing change in any organization. Listen in to learn about the key steps she took in this process. 

In this segment, we refer to the Kanban method, an Agile method that is used by many teams all over the world. 

About Lucia Alarcon

Lucia is a Delivery Lead and a coach working in Wellington NZ, leading an amazing development squad to achieve the delivery of multiple digital initiatives using Agile, creating a culture of empowerment, collaboration and communication. With 15+ years of experience, her professional (and personal!) journey has taken her through a variety of organizations and halfway around the world from Argentina. Lucia loves all things Agile, facilitation and coaching. 

You can link with Lucia Alarcon on LinkedIn and connect with Lucia Alarcon on Instagram.

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