Kathryn Tancos: The Product Owner anti-pattern that destroys collaboration

The Great Product Owner: Working with the team to make decisions

Great Product Owners understand that they are part of the team, and try to setup collaborative decision making through active conversations with team and stakeholders. This develops the relationship between PO and team, and setups up a powerful partnership. 

The Bad Product Owner: When the PO stands back and does not drive the product or the collaboration between teams

When product organizations are separated into different silos, and the Product Owner stands back, problems emerge quickly. On top of that, when the PO does not feel, or want to be accountable for the product, things get even worse. We also discuss the anti-pattern of missing, losing the customer voice in the work of the Product Owner. 

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About Kathryn Tancos

Kathryn is a certified Scrum Master focused on Agile transformations and helping teams build a better way of working. How did this Emmy Award-winning news producer become an avid Agilist? Through communication, curiosity, and collaboration, the pillars of successful Agile teams. Her goal is to inspire teams and organizational cultures to foster a sense of self-leadership throughout the transformation journey.

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