Mariana Trigo: Helping an Agile team, even when the Scrum Master is out of ideas!

In this team, the team members had already been complaining for a while about the requirements not being specified enough. As this complaint repeated even after some effort to answer their questions, Mariana stepped back. However, she quickly realized that it was a mistake, as the team felt abandoned. It was critical to find an alternative solution, so Mariana took it to the team, and together with a senior developer came up with a solution. Listen in to learn how that team helped solve a problem that not even the Scrum Master had found a solution for.

About Mariana Trigo

Mariana’s path from Biology to Retail to IT, is a unique path in the search for purpose and the feeling of belonging. Helping development teams to reach their full potential by improving processes and people. Her favorite time is retrospective time, probably connected with her need to constantly get out of her comfort zone. 

You can link with Mariana Trigo on LinkedIn.