Mariana Trigo: Helping a startup adopt (some) Scrum and Agile process to improve focus and delivery 

Mariana was working in a startup where things were changing very fast. So fast, that it was hard to know what to work on, and who to depend on. Together with the CTO at that company, they prepared a plan to introduce a process that would help the teams have focus, and deliver. Listen in to learn about how they presented a process in a startup, which usually is allergic to processes.

About Mariana Trigo

Mariana’s path from Biology to Retail to IT, is a unique path in the search for purpose and the feeling of belonging. Helping development teams to reach their full potential by improving processes and people. Her favorite time is retrospective time, probably connected with her need to constantly get out of her comfort zone. 

You can link with Mariana Trigo on LinkedIn.

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