Madhuri Korapati: The change curve model for Agile teams, and team members

Madhuri was an active part of an Agile transformation at a department. They started by focusing on one team, and as she worked with that team, she noticed that things were moving slow. This helped her understand that, even if the team adopts practices and processes, there’s a deeper change that is needed, and each team member experiences the change in a different way, and at a different pace. Listen in to learn what is that deeper change, and learn more about the change curve model.

About Madhuri Korapati

Madhuri a self-motivated servant leader with 14 years of software industry experience across Payments and Banking sectors. She is a Scrum Master at Mastercard, and enjoys helping teams in their agile transformation and showcasing their improvements. 

You can link with Madhuri Korapati on LinkedIn and connect with Madhuri Korapati on Twitter.

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