Gonçalo Valverde: Turning Agile all the way up to 11, when the deadline is fixed

This story starts with the CEO saying “we are going agile”. As it usually happens, that transformation was not coming alone. Gonçalo was put on a project that had a very hard deadline: A Christmas release that would have a big impact on the company’s sales. 

When the project started, the requirements were not yet fully understood, yet the deadline was already known, and unmovable. How can a Scrum Master help a project like this successfully deliver? Listen in to learn what techniques and tools Gonçalo introduced, and used to help this super-critical, and super-time-sensitive project succeed.

About Gonçalo Valverde

Gonçalo is an Agile Coach from Portugal working with teams and organizations in their continuous improvement journey. As a keen amateur photographer, he learned that less is more and how constraints help one focus on the outcomes. He’s also a co-organizer of Agile Coach Camp Portugal. 

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