Alex Gbaguidi: Changing an old-school PMO into Agile (with a surprising twist)

Alex joined a company that was build plane engines. This was not a pure software company, even if they had a lot of software engineers, and produced a lot of software. Alex brought in a different culture as an Agile member of the company’s PMO (Project Management Office). He shares the tools, and techniques he used to change the culture of the software teams in the organization.

In this episode we refer to a shared online quiz tool called Kahoot

About Alex Gbaguidi

Alex is an experienced agile practitioner, coach and trainer with twenty years of experience in IT consulting. He is passionate about helping teams discover the best ways of working adapted to their context. He’s worked in many different types of industries (Telecoms, Energy, Finance or Aeronautics) and provides training on many agile frameworks and practices all around the world in French & English.

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