Mark Metze: Learning to create value as a Scrum team

Helping teams get User Stories “to Done” is Mark’s primary focus in his role as a Scrum Master. However, for that he needs to help the teams accept and adopt “empiricism” as the basis for their management of work. In this segment, we also discuss how important it is to help teams focus on “creating value”, and what that means.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: The ORID Pattern

Mark wants to help teams avoid jumping into conclusions too early, and for that he’s found the ORID pattern is a great help. The ORID pattern covers: Observe, Reflect, Inspect and Decide activities, and helps team explore data and reflect on possible options before jumping into solutions.

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About Mark Metze

Following the pattern of all good Computer Science majors, Mark began his career as a programmer and devoted the first 2 decades of his career to the craft of writing code. His next decade was spent in a managerial role for a software team. And then recently he pivoted once again to the role of Scrum Master. Mark has a heart for leading through service and has enthusiastically embraced the role of Scrum Master.

You can link with Mark Metze on LinkedIn.

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