Inderdip Vraich: A practical psychological safety Agile Retrospective

Reflecting on what success means for a Scrum Master is an important reflection activity for anyone interested in improving their impact on the team. Inderdip shares with us the questions that she has developed to keep her own success reflection going despite the hustle of everyday work.

In this segment, we talk about the Scrum Culture Index and mention a Forbes article that helps understand how to measure (“smell”) culture.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Practical Psychological Safety retrospective

As we often talk about psychological safety, it is important to learn how to introduce the concept to the team. In this segment, we explore a possible retrospective format around creating the understanding of and the actions that lead to psychological safety in the team.

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About Inderdip Vraich

Inderdip is an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master based in New Zealand. She has been working in the agile space with IT teams since 2007. She believes in lifelong learning and derives deep satisfaction from working with teams & individuals and see them grow in their journey.

You can link with Inderdip Vraich on LinkedIn and connect with Inderdip Vraich on Twitter.

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