David Wallace: How working with a team helped change leadership

David was working with a new part of the company that had just been acquired by his employer. This new unit had been using Agile for 2 years when David arrived, but all they had was a 2-day training by a local Agile Coach. As he started to dive in, David noticed that the team was unable to challenge the VP’s, they just took orders and never brought their creativity into the process. In this episode, we walk through a change process where this team went from being order takers to taking ownership of their work and the product. We discuss how a Scrum Master can help teams step up, even when senior managers are involved. Oh, and listen to the end, there’s a surprising change in this story! 

About David Wallace

David Wallace is an agile coach with 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He’s a passionate Agilist and the cohost of the Heart of Agile – Boulder meetup group. He’s currently based in Denver as a Product Delivery Coach at Xero, a New Zealand based cloud accounting software company. 

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