Stephane Thanasack: The PO that wanted to control everything

Seniority is often seen as a leading indicator of competence and effectiveness. However, that’s not always the case. In this episode, we share some surprising insights about how seniority is not always a great indicator of who can play the PO role.

The Great Product Owner: The Junior PO that helped the team understand what was needed

Seniority is not always an indicator of who might be a great PO. In this segment, we talk about a junior PO that was great in the PO role. The PO was able to ask questions, wanted to understand, but not control and focused on making decisions when everyone, and everything was ready. Through this approach, the PO was able to ensure everybody understood what was being asked from the team.

The Bad Product Owner: The PO that wanted to control everything

In this segment, we describe a Product Owner that knows the whole business. This PO has been a project manager, an architect and even tries to design the product! This PO wants to control everything, every step of the process, and therefore prevents the team from succeeding on its own.

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About Stephane Thanasack

Stephane works with Agile clients in France, where he lives. He’s also the co-founder of Nowshak, a consulting company helping organizations in their transformation journey. He’s a certified professional coach by the International Coaching Federation.

You can link with Stephane Thanasack on LinkedIn.

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