Stephane Thanasack: From projects to products, a major shift in thinking and processes

This company wanted to move from “project management” to “product management”, a shift that would require some significant changes. The company had put in place some agile roles, and “magically” converted Project Managers to Product Owners. This was when Stephane arrived to help. In this episode, we explore the common mistakes companies make when adopting Agile, and discuss what we can do to ensure the transition delivers on the promises!

In this episode, we refer to the Nexus Framework, which has been a topic on two different episodes of the podcast. 

About Stephane Thanasack

Stephane works with Agile clients in France, where he lives. He’s also the co-founder of Nowshak, a consulting company helping organizations in their transformation journey. He’s a certified professional coach by the International Coaching Federation.

You can link with Stephane Thanasack on LinkedIn. 

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