Ryan Brook: How to NOT change a Scrum team, a Scrum Master warning

Ryan has a background as a school teacher. And even if he did not have a long background in the IT space, he was able to transform his teaching and facilitation skills into a strength in his Scrum Master role. His failure story takes us to a high-pressure environment where Ryan came in as a “turn around” Scrum Master. We discuss what happens when we want the team to improve, despite the team’s own wishes. Ryan shares some critical tips for Scrum Masters that are brought into a team “to change them”. 

About Ryan Brook

Ryan is a practicing Agile Coach and Scrum Master based in the UK. He is also the co-creator of Scrum Lake, a safe community of practice focused on story telling and deep exploration with Scrum Masters from around the World. He holds both the PSM III and PSPO III and is a candidate Professional Scrum Trainer for scrum.org.

You can link with Ryan Brook on LinkedIn. Or check Ryan’s website at optilearn.co.uk.

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