Med Marouane Ajraoui: Shaping products, by shaping the team’s mood and motivation

When Med Marouane joined this team, he observed that the team was missing daily collaboration and that the culture was to blame others when problems happened. While working with this new team, he recognized that Agile is a different philosophy for software development and that the quality of the work is directly affected by the mood, and motivation of the people working.

In this episode, we refer to Extreme Programming, an Agile approach that had a bias towards great technical practices.

About Med Marouane Ajraoui

Med Marouane Ajraoui enjoys practicing AIKIDO while helping individuals, teams, and organizations embrace the agile mindset. He is from Morocco but has lived in several countries, and he enjoys being a “citizen of the world”. He is the founder of Agile Africa, an NGO for disseminating Agile culture in Africa. He is also the CEO and founder of JediSquad, an international firm that supports developing Eco Agile businesses and meaningful digital products.

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