Med Marouane Ajraoui: Helping a large group of Agile teams learn to collaborate

Med Marouane joined a large organization to work on a big Agile transformation. He was working with more than 10 teams in a difficult environment. The teams had started doing their cross-team collaboration using the Scrum of Scrums pattern, but when Med Marouane attended the Scrum of Scrums, he noticed the teams were merely reporting to each other. And, most importantly, they were sharing excuses for what was not delivered, instead of working together to overcome the challenges they faced. 

Featured Book of the Week: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

In Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins, Med Marouanne found practices that helped him as a Scrum Master. The book also helped him reflect on how to shape his personal and work life so that it would be meaningful.

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About Med Marouane Ajraoui

Med Marouane Ajraoui enjoys practicing AIKIDO while helping individuals, teams, and organizations embrace the agile mindset. He is from Morocco but has lived in several countries, and he enjoys being a “citizen of the world”. He is the founder of Agile Africa, an NGO for disseminating Agile culture in Africa. He is also the CEO and founder of JediSquad, an international firm that supports developing Eco Agile businesses and meaningful digital products.

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