BONUS: Clare Sudbery, technical focus the missing piece for Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches

We start by discussing why understanding technical aspects, and having a technical focus is a key asset for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. It all starts with the idea that teams should get software in front of their users as quickly as possible. 

We discuss Trunk Based Development, and why understanding what that is will help Scrum Masters working with teams that have difficulty releasing on a regular cadence.

The technical side to process changes

As teams face certain problems, they will come up with technical practices that help them solve those problems. However, if Scrum Masters are not aware, or don’t pay attention, those technical practices may make it even harder for the team to succeed. We discuss why a basic technical understanding is critical when talking with teams about the practices they can or should adopt. 

Looking for technical insights and solutions

As Scrum Masters start to accept that the technical practices can make or break a team, they should start learning about the state of the art in Agile teams, and Clare shares some of the names of the people to follow when it comes to learning about and understanding the latest technical practices. We refer to Keith Braithwaite and others. For those wanting to learn more about the technical practices that enable great Agile teams, take a look at The Art of Agile Development: Pragmatic Guide to Agile Software Development, by James Shore.

About Clare Sudbery

Clare is a Lead Engineer @MadeTech, a self-described math geek, an XP enthusiast, and also a podcaster. She hosts the Making Tech Better podcast, where she interviews people about how to improve their software delivery.

You can link with Clare Sudbery on LinkedIn and connect with Clare Sudbery on Twitter

You can also listen to Clare’s podcast at MadeTech.


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