Artur Margonari: Helping teams to deal with conflict

In this team, there was a lot of finger-pointing and other toxic behaviors. The team was actively hiding the problems for fear of conflict. It was Artur’s job to help them deal with the conflict openly. But the journey would not be easy. In this episode, we talk about how to help teams learn to deal with conflict. 

In this episode, we refer to Non-violent communication, which has been a topic on the podcast before.

Featured Book of the Week: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

Learning to be a coach, Artur learned a lot about coaching tools, behaviors and mindsets from Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins. Additionally, this book helped Artur to move from a Project Manager to a Scrum Master mindset. 

How can Angela (the Agile Coach) quickly build healthy relationships with the teams she’s supposed to help? What were the steps she followed to help the Breeze App team fight off the competition? Find out how Angela helped Naomi and the team go from “behind” to being ahead of Intuition Bank, by focusing on the people! Download the first 4 chapters of the BOOK for FREE while it is in Beta!

About Artur Margonari

Artur is a Brazilian living in Belgium since 2014. When not playing music, practicing martial arts, or traveling, he supports organizations in their agile and continuous improvement journey. He also just adopted a cat and a dog 🙂

You can link with Artur Margonari on LinkedIn and connect with Artur Margonari on Twitter.

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