Raj Solanki: The PO that took responsibility for the success of the product

Taking responsibility for the success of the product is one of the success characteristics we discuss in this episode, where we also explore what happens the PO thinks they can still code through the User Stories they write! 

The Great Product Owner: The PO that took responsibility for the success of the product

Raj introduces a PO that wanted to understand the product and do the research. The PO worked to thoroughly understand the stories, and customer needs before putting the stories in front of the team. Another great PO characteristic was the PO’s ability to be patient, and explain the same ideas as many times as necessary. 

The Bad Product Owner: The pseudo-coder PO

This Product Owner missed important meetings, even if they were invited and told they were required. To top it off, this was a PO that wrote the User Stories as if they were pseudo-code. All of this led to the team knowing very little about “why” certain stories were being implemented. 

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About Raj Solanki

Raj is a Manager, Technical program manager as well as Scrum master. He focuses on helping the teams learn about Agile, overcoming obstacles, foster a collaborative community, and more. 

He constantly reads about agile and seeks out coaches when he feels stuck. He seeks constant feedback and helps teams be transparent and build trust.

You can link with Raj Solanki on LinkedIn and connect with Raj Solanki on Twitter.

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