Raj Solanki: Helping teams adopt Agile, the mindset transformation journey

Raj started his tech career as a test engineer, a role where – as he describes – you work with many different people. This turned out to be a good learning for his future role as a Scrum Master. As he puts it, “Scrum Master is a leadership role”, which is something we’ve also shared and discussed here on the podcast website. In this episode, we talk about how Scrum Masters must focus on the team’s mindset, and ability to understand and adopt Agile and Scrum. Raj shares his tips, and lessons learned about the transformation journey that every team goes through. 

About Raj Solanki

Raj is a Manager, Technical program manager as well as Scrum master. He focuses on helping the teams learn about Agile, overcoming obstacles, foster a collaborative community, and more. 

He constantly reads about agile and seeks out coaches when he feels stuck. He seeks constant feedback and helps teams be transparent and build trust.

You can link with Raj Solanki on LinkedIn and connect with Raj Solanki on Twitter

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