Raj Solanki: Helping a team lose the training wheels, and ride the Scrum bike like a pro!

As Raj started working with a team that had previously used a waterfall process, he realized that the team was not aware that Agile changes some fundamental aspects of how work gets done. An Agile team does not need to depend on “someone else” to understand, and define the product for them (Analysis and Requirements), the team itself (together with the PO) will do that work. This presented some challenges for Agile adoption, and Raj shares how he helped this team transition from waterfall to Scrum!

About Raj Solanki

Raj is a Manager, Technical program manager as well as Scrum master. He focuses on helping the teams learn about Agile, overcoming obstacles, foster a collaborative community, and more. 

He constantly reads about agile and seeks out coaches when he feels stuck. He seeks constant feedback and helps teams be transparent and build trust.

You can link with Raj Solanki on LinkedIn and connect with Raj Solanki on Twitter.

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