Dahm Hongchai: Learning to ask questions with empathy

In this episode, we explore how the skill of asking questions is so critical for PO’s, and we learn from Dahm some exercises to show the importance of that skill. 

The Great Product Owner: The Deep Listening PO

Great Product Owners are good at listening to the team, and the stakeholders, but mostly to the customers and the market. In this segment, we talk about how PO’s can practice deep listening, and use that skill to improve their effectiveness in the role. 

The Bad Product Owner: Learning to ask questions with empathy

Bad Product Owners have many lacking features, but in this segment, we focus especially on the inability to ask questions from the team, and the customers. Dahm shares some of his signature workshops, and how he uses those controlled environments to help PO’s learn how to go deeper in the understanding of the team and the customer.

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About Dahm Hongchai

Dahm Hongchai is an Agile coach, a Scrum Master, and a business consultant with 5 years experience in high-tech and Startup industries in Silicon Valley, Thailand, and Australia. He was the first Thai to become a Scrum Trainer (ST) with Scrum Inc. Dahm also has 10+ years of experience with other approaches such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. And he is an Agile trainer and helps people to understand Agile via, for example Agile Cooking.

You can link with Dahm Hongchai on LinkedIn.

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